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Are you among the masses who have been in deep search of First Grade undetectable euros, dollar bills,Canadian Dollars, British pounds etc

Are you among those who have been in possession of black notes and have been looking for SSD solutions to clean them? Have you been looking for true legit technicians to help you clean any defaced currency?

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Have been in long search and found none? are you among those who had given up and fallen to the hands of rippers? Are you among those who have spend a lot of time in search of legit vendors and found none? Then worry no more, search no more and look no further for this right here is for you.

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We do have our own shipping system through which we use to deliver each an every order placed with us.


At Banknotes Lab, we produce just High Quality Undetectable Counterfeit money denoted HQUC which pass the UV lights and pen tests. This might sound a bold claim but we produce such excellent notes thanks to our expertise and duration in the such affairs.

We also provide SSD Solutions and activation powders to those who have defaced currencies and in need for chemicals to clean them. We also provide technicians we to clean these defaced currency in cases whereby technical expertise is needed.

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